Hi all,

Thanks to adsbexchange.com the old feed is (temporarily) activated again and I can show data on my site again.
As of July 19, the data is visible again.
Temporary means that the old feed has to be replaced by something else. Perhaps through the adsbexchange API.
Hopefully I can achieve the same results with that as with the old feed.

Thanks for all your messages.


Records: 47

 Germany -  A310
 Germany -  A319
 Germany -  A321
 Germany -  A343
 Germany -  A359
 Germany -  A400
 Germany -  ARCP
 Germany -  AS16
 Germany -  AS32
 Germany -  AV68
 Germany -  B105
 Germany -  B703
 Germany -  BALL
 Germany -  C160
 Germany -  C30J
 Germany -  D228
 Germany -  DG80
 Germany -  DIMO
 Germany -  DISC
 Germany -  DUOD
 Germany -  EC35
 Germany -  EC45
 Germany -  EUFI
 Germany -  F4
 Germany -  G109
 Germany -  G120
 Germany -  GL5T
 Germany -  GLEX
 Germany -  GLID
 Germany -  H145M
 Germany -  H53
 Germany -  HK36
 Germany -  LYNX
 Germany -  NH90
 Germany -  P3
 Germany -  PA18
 Germany -  RF5
 Germany -  S61
 Germany -  SF25
 Germany -  SM19
 Germany -  TFUN
 Germany -  TIGR
 Germany -  TOR
 Germany -  TWR
 Germany -  UH1
 Germany -  VENT


ADS-B.nl is based on the excellent API from ADSBexchange. Using this API gives me the opportunity to display information in a completely different way and the planes that I find most interesting: Military planes!

Thanks ADSBexchange!!






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