Hi all,

Thanks to adsbexchange.com the old feed is (temporarily) activated again and I can show data on my site again.
As of July 19, the data is visible again.
Temporary means that the old feed has to be replaced by something else. Perhaps through the adsbexchange API.
Hopefully I can achieve the same results with that as with the old feed.

Thanks for all your messages.


Records: 25

 Canada -  A310
 Canada -  A4
 Canada -  AJET
 Canada -  B350
 Canada -  BALL
 Canada -  C130
 Canada -  C17
 Canada -  C30J
 Canada -  C560
 Canada -  CC144
 Canada -  CL-60
 Canada -  CL2T
 Canada -  CL60
 Canada -  DH8A
 Canada -  DH8B
 Canada -  DH8C
 Canada -  DH8D
 Canada -  G120
 Canada -  H25B
 Canada -  H47
 Canada -  P3
 Canada -  S61
 Canada -  S92
 Canada -  TEX2


ADS-B.nl is based on the excellent API from ADSBexchange. Using this API gives me the opportunity to display information in a completely different way and the planes that I find most interesting: Military planes!

Thanks ADSBexchange!!






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